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Information about the college

Головна / Information about the college

Kamianets-Podilskyi industrial college (founded on the base of Kamianets-Podilkyi industrial technical school) is a higher educational establishment that trains professionals for various fields of industry and economy.
The history of this institution began in 1945 when Kamianets-Podilkyi industrial technical school opened its doors for the first students of specialities “Instalation and maintence of electrical and civil structures” and “Open-Pit Mining” that are still popular nowadays.
The college has trained over 40,000 specialists who are successful in their professional activities. Kamianets-Podilskyi industrial college always follows the demands of society and changes the range of specialities according to the needs of industry and economy. Nowadays this higher educational establishment trains specialists for the educational -qualification level “Junior Bachelor ”on the following specialities:
• Instalation and maintence of electrical and civil structures
• Maintenance and Repair of Electrical Household Appliances
• Open-Pit Mining
• Mine Surveying
• Natural Stone Processing
• Hotel Service
• Marketing Activity
• Finance and Credit
• Land Management
• Computer Systems and Nets Service
• Software developing
There are 600 students at the college. The educational process is provided by experienced scientific and pedagogical workers. Among them 63 pedagogical workers of higher qualification,11- methodologists,10 persons of senior qualification,3 candidates of science.
The training area contains 83 laboratories and study rooms, 3 workshops, 2 gyms, a library with the reading hall, an assembly hall, the Museum of Mineralogy and the Museum of the History of the College. Сcomputer science study is carried out in 7 laboratories equipped with modern computers.
Students live in 2 dormitories. Sport is an integral part of the students’ life. Industria Sports Club, founded in 1963, unites sports lovers from all city colleges. Our students can boast great achievements both in study and sport.
The college also implements the Bologna process concepts via international cooperation in the educational space. In 2010 cooperation agreement between Kamianets-Podilskyi industrial college and Polytechnic School Complex in Glogow, the Republic of Poland was signed. Students and teachers exchanges are held every year. The aim is to acquaint representatives of Ukraine and Poland with the remarkable cultural and historical heritage of both countries, to share the experience of organizing and running the teaching and learning process, accumulate and assimilate teaching methods used in the European Union, increase language skills.

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